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We help to create truly great communities.

We are an Australian law firm that works with leading property developers, asset owners, strata businesses, Governments, technology firms, insurance companies, and banks who help create truly great Australian property.

Great property needs to be well designed, built to the highest standard, and then managed effectively to be truly great communities.

This is where we come in.


Legal and advisory services to the property and development industry.

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Our digital platforms enable our team to work smarter, while delivering cost savings and visibility to our clients.

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A digital contract exchange platform for real estate projects. Used by law firms, developers, financiers and agents.

An online platform to create, review and register by-laws. Do it yourself or get our expert team to help you.

A portal for strata clients to check the status of their levy recovery matters with us and raise new matters.


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We are a trusted advisor to leading asset owners, development companies and property services organisations who create and manage iconic projects here in Australia and overseas.


Frasers Midtown

“Midtown” at Macquarie Park in Sydney is a master planned community developed by Frasers and the NSW Land and Housing Corporation which will consist of 3,300 new homes, 2.8 hectares of open space, schools, shopping centre, cafes and restaurants. The team at Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers were engaged to manage all the developer conveyancing services using our “OPEX” platform. 100% of Stage 1 and Stage 2 sales contracts were successfully exchanged on OPEX and the average time to exchange the contracts was less than 3 business days.


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